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Opinion Piece in Today's Courier Mail

Urgent need to shift second language options

20 September 2018

Are we still turning Japanese? I don’t think so.
Ask any Queensland public school kid what second language has been foisted on them, and it is more likely than not the answer is Japanese.

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Joe Branigan

Director of Tulipwood Economics

Joe Branigan - Tulipwood Economic

Welcome to Tulipwood Economics

31 July 2018

Tulipwood Economics assists the University of Queensland undertake a market analysis of Australia’s rail transit and rail freight market

15 December 2019

Tulipwood Economics is currently assisting the University of Queensland undertake a major study in to the Australian rail transit and rail freight markets for a major international rail manufacturer. The study looks at several rail markets in details, such as the five major heavy rail networks, the five major light rail networks, all regional passenger rail networks and the major freight networks by commodity.

Tulipwood Economics assists the Cooperative Research Centre Association prepare its 2020-21 pre-budget submission.

5 December 2019

In its submission, the CRC Association argues strongly that its level of funding has fallen in real terms in recent year’s. Further, that the CRC model, especially following recent governance reforms recommendation (and accepted) as part of the Miles Review, puts the CRC model in a strong position to foster innovation and collaboration between the university and industry sectors. As such, the CRC Association believes that a sustainable increase in funding over the forward estimates represents money well spent by the Federal Government on behalf of the Australian taxpayer.

With the appropriate level of fanfare for an economics website, welcome to the Tulipwood Economics website! The purpose of the website is, of course, to promote TWE. The website describes my experience and industry expertise, as well as some of the technical skills I apply in my work.

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