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Policy advice to Federal and State Governments, including economic and social policy development and review. Industry expertise covers the transport, tourism, resources and network industries (electricity, water and telecommunications). 

We have decades of experience advising governments at all three levels on the efficacy and efficiency of policies across a range of industries.

Fiscal policy advice to state governments, including advice on the efficiency of the tax system

Tulipwood Economics has advised a number of State Governments on debt sustainability, budget management and tax efficiency issues. 

Project evaluations, including cost benefit appraisal (CBA) and economic impact analysis (EIA) 

Tulipwood Economics maintains technical capability across the essential tools used by economists, including financial, economic, social and environmental impact analysis, and cost benefit analysis. We have jointly developed the

T-SMART CGE model with the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, which is based on the Centre of Policy Studies TERM model. Our rates for CGE modelling engagements are well below Tier 1 firms, but the quality of economic analysis is first class.

Program and policy evaluations

We have many years experience reviewing, critiquing and recommending changes to government programs and policies across a range of industries, most notably: public roads infrastructure, public rail infrastructure, infrastructure policy generally, telecommunications policy, tourism policy, retail trade and resources industries. 

Strategic advice to private sector firms navigating government bureaucracy

Tulipwood provides advice to private sector clients pitching projects to government agencies in the built environment and tourism sectors. 

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