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In particular, public road and rail investment


Joe has many years experience advising governments on transport infrastructure policy. His advice has related to: understanding the drivers of public infrastructure costs (particularly urban road and rail projects), improving project evaluation and selection processes, funding and financing infrastructure, developing business cases and undertaking cost benefit appraisals and economic impact analyses.

Competition Policy



Joe has significant competition policy experience as a Senior Associate with Professor Henry Ergas’ AO consulting firm Green Square Associates where he has worked on many high-profile competition economics consulting assignments, including with ANZ, BHPB, Google Australia, Mercedes-Benz, Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Woolworths. Joe has supported Professor Ergas in a number of significant court cases related to competition policy issues.

Comp Policy.jpeg



Tulipwood Economics has provided advice to various state governments and private sector companies on the economic impacts of developing tourism services (such as golf resorts and mountain bike trails) in a number of Australian regions applying economic evaluation methodologies and techniques.




Joe has many years experience providing economic, forecasting and regulatory advice in the resources sector. He co-authored (with Professor Henry Ergas) a paper on addressing barriers to the expansion of the resources sector in Australia for the Minerals Council of Australia



Electricity, Water, Telecommunications


Tulipwood Economics has many years experience advising governments and regulatory agencies on Australia’s regulated network industries. Joe is a former regulator at the Queensland Competition Authority where he led the electricity group. Joe has also provided advice to the Queensland Government on bulk water pricing and regulation.

Chart & Stethoscope



Joe has worked in the health economics space for many years. Early in his career with the Productivity Commission, Joe compared and critiqued patient cost sharing arrangements (i.e. gap payments) across OECD countries.

More recently, with Professor Henry Ergas and Professor Jonathan Pincus, Joe has advised the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA) on the regulation of the industry, such as in relation to ownership and location rules. Joe also provided advice to the PGA (via Cadence Economics) on the budgetary impacts of removing codeine as an approved over-the-counter (OTC) medicine (aka ‘up-scheduling’).

Recently, Joe authored a report for the Menzies Research Centre (via Cadence Economics) reviewing the arguments for a sugar tax on sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs). The report can be found ‘here’

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